Strategic Accomplishments 

University Level Accomplishments

University of Tennessee, 2019-Present

Under the supervision of the University Chancellor, as the University Ombudsperson I created and institutionalized the Office of Ombuds Services for faculty, staff, and graduate students that met the standards and practices of the International Ombuds Association. I developed positive and sustained relationships with the Provost’s Office, Human Resources, General Counsel, and other university leaders. In 2020, I met the requirements and became a Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitionerâ (CO-OP). In 2021, the Chancellor’s Office promoted my position to Director and approved request to increase office staff by hiring an Associate Ombudsperson. In 2022, the Chancellor’s Office approved request to increase office staff by hiring an Educational Program Coordinator. To increase national recognition of our office, I have taken on several leadership positions in the International Ombuds Association.

University of Tennessee, 2013-2014

Under the supervision of the University Chancellor, institutionalized infrastructures to increase summer school student enrollment and hired a Summer School Coordinator. Developed positive relations and worked closely with the Provost’s Office, Division of Finance and Administration, College of Arts and Sciences Deans, University Housing, Creative Communications, and the Center for International Education.

Departmenal Accomplishments

University of Tennessee, 2017-2019

As the Associate Department Head designed, developed, and implemented training for tenure track and tenured faculty in the Educational Psychology and Counseling Department when the university adopted an electronic faculty productivity reporting system. Streamlined tenure and promotion procedures within the department, and mentored tenure track faculty preparation of retention and tenure and promotion material.

Programatic Accomplishments

University of Tennessee, 2011-2019

As the coordinator of a master’s degree and a graduate certificate program designed, developed, and institutionalized an online curriculum for working adults in Instructional Technology. In eight years, program distance education revenue increased from $40K to $200K and maintained a 95% or higher graduation rate after the introductory course. Alumni job placement was 100% in both the public and private sectors. The graduate certificate program was nationally recognized by the Association for Educational Communication and Technology (AECT) and in 2017 the master’s program was awarded the AECT Distance Education Division Best Practice Award. 

Northern Illinois University, 2008-2011

As the program coordinator led a team of faculty that designed, developed, and institutionalized an online graduate advanced teacher licensure master’s program for technology specialists. Engaged in institutional research for accreditation, and authored the program review report, which led to national recognition from the International Society for Technology Education and National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. This program was recognized as a top online graduate program in 2012 by the US News & World Report.

Northern Illinois University 2004-2011

As the preservice teacher education course coordinator, designed, developed, and institutionalized a multi-section educational technology integration course that met the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education accreditation requirements.