ETT 401 B Field Experience for Integrating Technology in the Elementary Classroom

Course Information
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*Please note that all ETT 401B sections will be using a common syllabus and assignments.

Course Description

Gain practice with and reflect upon the use of productivity, multimedia, and telecommunications tools to support student learning. CRQ: TLEE 460. PRQ: ETT 401A. Limited to Elementary Education majors.

Course Objectives and Overview
Implement and assess student learning activities that integrate computers/technology for a variety of student grouping strategies and for diverse student populations.
  • Design, implement and assess student learning activities that integrate technology.
  • Identify, implement, and evaluate technology resources to support diverse learners and to develop engaged learning environments.
  • Practice socially responsible, ethical, and legal use of technology resources.
  • Use multimedia software and hardware to implement multimedia/hypermedia lessons and learning tools.
  • Apply and implement basic troubleshooting techniques.
  • Use email and online conferencing tools for professional collaboration and to support student learning.
  • Integrate video and digital images in presentations and other products.
  • Explain the National Educational Technology Standards for Students and Teachers (NETS - S and NETS - T) and the Core Technology Standards for All Teachers CTSFAT).
Instructional Approach
NIU Conceptual Framework

Course Requirement
You must have an active LiveText account in order to submit your assignments in this course. Your instructor is unable to assess your assignments unless they are submitted on LiveText.

Online Participation 150pts
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As major evidence of the successful completion of this course, each student will participate in online activities which include discussions and peer support activities. Participation should be consistent, active, collaborative, helpful, and respectful of peers and instructor. Refer to the assignment guide and rubric for further details.

NETS*S Assessment Preparing for Technology Integration Lesson 100pts

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Conduct an assessment of NETS*S in your grade level. This assignment is geared to prepare you for your Technology Integration Lesson. Therefore, make sure that you conduct a thorough analysis to identify which standards will be addressed and measured in your lesson. Once you submit your work, you are responsible for providing constructive comments to your peers. Refer to the assignment guide and rubric for further details.

Technology Integration Lesson Plan 120pts
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You are responsible for designing, implementing, and evaluating one technology integration lesson during your student teaching. You are required to submit your lesson plan, evaluation plan, and provide constructive comments to your peers. Refer to the assignment guide and rubric for further details.

Technology Integration Lesson Mentor Evaluation 50pts

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Share your Technology Integration Lesson Plan with your cooperating teacher and school building technology coordinator/ media specialist/or principal to gain mentor input for your lesson plan. Ask them to comment on what they think will go well and what they think need revision before you implement the lesson. You are required to prepare your reflections and provide constructive comments to your peers. Refer to the assignment guide and rubric for further details.

Technology Integration Lesson Evaluation and Reflection 80pts

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You are responsible for reporting on your lesson evaluation results. You are required to submit your evaluation results, reflection paper, and constructive comments to your peers. Refer to the assignment guide and rubric for further details.

Assignment Submission and Policies
Assignment Submission
You must follow the guidelines your instructor provides you for submitting your work on Blackboard and LiveText.

Constructive Comments Responsibilities

Most course activities are based on online collaboration. You must submit your work on time for your assigned peers to be able to participate in the course. If you fail to submit your work on time you will lose class participation points. If your assigned peer does not submit his/her work on time and this affects your work please take the following steps: 1. contact your instructor by email and report who your assigned peer is and that the peer has not submitted his/her work, 2. choose another classmate to provide your constructive comments, and 3. contact your instructor by email and report who you decided to provide constructive comments. Please take these steps in a timely manner so that you are able to submit your work on time.

NIU Academic Integrity Policy

To make authoritative statements without giving credit to the author of those statements is considered plagiarism and violates the academic integrity policy of Northern Illinois University:
Good academic work must be based on honesty. The attempt of any student to present as his or her own work that which he or she has not produced is regarded by the faculty and administration as a serious offense. Students are considered to have cheated if they copy the work of another during an examination or turn in a paper or assignment written, in whole or part, by someone else. Students are guilty of plagiarism, intentional or not, if they copy material from books, magazines, or other sources without identifying and acknowledging those sources or if they paraphrase ideas from other sources without acknowledging them. Students guilty of, or assisting others in, either cheating or plagiarism on an assignment, quiz, or examination may receive a grade of F for the course involved and may be suspended or dismissed from the university (2003-04 Undergraduate Catalog, p.48).

For more informaiton please visit:

Writing Center
It is imperative that ALL teacher certification candidates meet the Illinois Language Arts Standards for All Teachers. Therefore, students who would like assistance in or further developing their writing style and skills can do so through the NIU Writing Center located in Stevenson South Towers - Lower Level, 815.753.6636. Website:

Evaluation/Grading Procedures and System

Students can earn up to a certain number of points on each assignment based on the quality of their work and the criteria established in the assessment rubric. Completion of all assignments is required. If you are ever concerned about your grade, please contact your instructor so that you are are able to discuss it.

Online Participation _____/150pts
NETS*S Assessment Preparing for Technology Integration Lesson _____/100pts
Technology Integration Lesson Plan _____/120pts
Technology Integration Lesson Mentor Evaluation _____/50pts
Technology Integration Lesson Evaluation and Reflection _____/80pts
Assignment of Final Grade
A = 500-450; B = 449-400; C = 399-350; D = 349-300; F < 299 pts.


A= outstanding competence
B= above satisfactory competence
C= satisfactory level of competence
D= marginally satisfactory competence
F=unsatisfactory level of competence

For more information please visit:

Late Work
Late assignments will have 10% deducted for each day it is late.

Resources and Responsibilities

Students with Special Needs
Northern Illinois University abides by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which stipulates that no student shall be denied the benefits of an education solely by reason of a handicap. Disabilities covered by law include, but are not limited to learning disabilities and hearing, sight or mobility impairments.

Your success as a student is of utmost importance to me. If you have a disability or any other special circumstance that may have some impact on your work in this class, and for which you may require special accommodations, please contact me early in the semester so that accommodations can be made in a timely manner. The NIU Center for Access-Ability Resources (CAAR), located on the 4th floor of the University Health Service (753-1303), is the designated office on campus to provide services and accommodations to students with diagnosed disabilities. You need to provide documentation of your disability to this office. For more information, visit the CARR website:

LiveText, Blackboard, & Z-ID
LiveText and the course Blackboard site is your guide to this course. You will use it to obtain and complete assignments, access information and course materials, engage in online discussions, view your grades, and as a communication tool. Please remember that your LiveText user ID and password may not be the same with your Z-ID. It is what you decided to use when you created a LiveText account.

You will need your Z-ID and password to enter Blackboard. You may obtain your Z-ID through the NIU Electronic Phonebook or by calling 815.752.7738.

Call the Information Technology Services (ITS) help desk at 815.753.8100 or go to if you are experiencing difficulty with your Z-ID, accessing your e-mail, or the World Wide Web.

Additional Resources & Instructional Assistance
Blackboard contains information and web links for on-campus and web-based resources through the "Services" link.

Dispositions for Teaching

Dispositions for teaching are assessed and monitored throughout all classes. All students are required to read the dispositions information posted on the program web page ( Questions regarding the dispositions assessment protocol, the support process, or the dispositions forms should be directed to the Dispositions Coordinator at 815-753-8223.


Topic/AssignmentPost Assignment on BlackBoard DiscussionPost Peer Comment on Blackboard DiscussionsSubmit Revised Assignment on LiveText
 1 August 19, 2010 Introduction, Course Website, LiveText, Blackboard, and email.   
 2NETS*S Assessment Preparing for Technology Integration Lesson 9/7 9/9 9/14
 3Technology Integration Lesson Plan 9/28 9/30 10/5
 4Technology Integration Lesson Mentor Evaluation 10/19 10/21 10/26
 5Technology Integration Lesson Evaluation and Reflection 11/16 11/18 11/23

January 7, 2010